Maintanance & Support


Maintanance & Support

Website Applications are growing constantly and evolving too, and it must be maintained. Keeping applications secure, stable, useful and upgrade takes time.

Bug Fixes: -

You are not only one who face bugs. You shouldn’t be afraid of them. Why? In software development nothing is accomplished without few bugs along the method. Bugs enter code for the various reasons, which includes human error, miscommunication, unrealistic release schedules, lack version control, buggy third-party tools, and last-minute changes.

Bugs can be of different varieties: - some are critical and hinder app’s functionality while others are more unnoticeable. But no matter which variety of bugs appears in the product, they required to be fixed.

Let’s imagine that you strive to create a new account in an app. To do so you require to log in and fill out the information about yourself i.e. first name, last name, age, mobile number etc. Once you entered this information, you must click the “Create Account” Button. But instead of going to screen says “Your account was created successfully,” the app crashes and you get an error page.

Third Party API Updates: -

Your Website Application is connected to the third- party services such as Twitter and Facebook. But third-party services change their APIs. After this much happens, your application requires to get upgraded with new service APIs. If you don’t upgrade it, then your website application won’t work.

This kind of maintenance is not frequent as popular services like Facebook Messenger supports both old and new API versions.

It takes 8-16 hours for the programmers to improve the application to support new third party APIs.

Security Patches and Upgrades: -

It is very common for the software and applications to improve automatically. But lots of software still needs your help for updates. Are you tired of constant upgrades? Why are they really required?

The purpose of updates is not to irritate you – it may sometimes be the result. Updates contain important changes that will upgrade the performance, stability and security of applications. Installing improvements ensures that your software continues to run safely and efficiently. Software should always be upgraded to avoid security issues.

General software updates take time as API Updates but the amount of effort needed depends on how much code you are working with. Regular improvements will need 3 to 5% of the time spent on the initial product development.


Monitoring: -

Bugs appear unexpectedly and APIs can change. That’s why, website application requires constant attention and care. One option is to hire company that monitors the app and send you instant alerts for the rapid problem resolution. Our team sets up maintenance alert tool for you if you are comfortable in dealing with the actual upgrades on your own. You can have a team monitor your application and perform updates for you. Monitoring takes 8 to 16 hours per month.

Regular Website Applications Maintenance retains the customers and balances costs

Website Applications Maintenance is significant as initial product development. Proper bug fixes, updates are required for maintaining customer loyalty. Keeping in mind that your end users notices even minor enhancements and these small improvements shows that you care about their feedback and you will continue to support product.

Regular maintenance will keep the customers happy and keep its costs manageable and predictable. Remember not to maintain the app will cost more in the long run due to lost revenues and the high cost of massive upgrades when your product starts failing one year down the road.