Web Hosting Solutions


For High Performance VPS and Dedicated Hosters

Optimal Solution to meet the growing requirements for the client self-administration. Fully customize your business to raise service offerings and gains.


  • Customize Your Service Offerings: - Select the applications to offer clients and they can purchase and install quickly and easily right from within their panel view.
  • Enhanced Audience Focus for Website Developers, Content Teams and Agencies: -Ready to code development environment, powerful administrative tools and built-in WordPress Toolkit.
  • Instant Experienced Website Creation and Design: - Brand your own site builders and add value to WordPress Security and Management Tool that helps you to manage and secure your WordPress Instances, Plugins and Themes.
  • Guard Application Storefront for Resale of Apps and Services: - Manage data across multiple installations and complex functions with ease.
  • Updated Supportability: - Plesk Servers are easier to maintain the service providers, and are perfect for the latest users who are not accustomed to manage servers.

VPS Hosters

  • 1. Features: - - Premier server Management Tool to manage all the systems and applications for hosting on a single VPS server. Grow and manage the virtual hosts on a single machine, and customize service offerings to meet the needs of your clients.
  • 2. Security: - Limit and provide self-serve access for the employees to files and applications.
  • 3. Run: - Easily manage websites, email and internal and external file shares, DNS, Website Traffic and other website applications. Easy integration with external systems like billing or domain registration.